understand this shit: once you’ve been arrested, you go to the same cell in the same police station and get the same treatment as every other crime statistic in there. you sit in the same seat in the same interview room, give the same no comment answer, get your shit back in the same plastic bag.
it’s a catch 22 though, because until you’ve been arrested a bunch of times you don’t realise it’s actually a minor, but during all those build up arrests you’re still under the illusion it’s the end of the world. it’s not.
people who commit crime all the time and never get caught have got to be applauded. there’s a couple writers out there who’ve been evading the BTPs greedy grip for years and years and they’re still none the wiser. or the career shoplifters, everyone out there with foil bags, popping off bells or bogarting stoneys, who stack £Gs on the sly and never get into more than a fracas with an angry affy.
but they’re the lucky few. getting nicked is just part of the game, it’s the tails to the heads of pulling off your crime successfully. someone once said if you do something properly, noone will even know you’ve done it.
programmes like crimewatch and road wars are only there to shit you up. as is the news, but that’s another, longer more fuckin loathsome story. crimewatch is them letting you know that you ain’t got away with it. that they’ve got access to this many people, this many resources to fight crimes, with the implication being that they put this much effort into solving every crime. i’m surprised they haven’t started naming the snitches yet so they can get their 15 mins of fame, their 150 words on page 11 of the sun. be a snitch, win a cruise. remember when they had that fake district line in the studio? yo and i guess everyone saw that article about ZERX too.
this is because they are desperate. because they don’t fuckin know. because they cannot prove it, even if deep down they know. don’t let this facade of police work fool you, of police intelligence, that good old oxymoron. it’s exactly the same as someone walking around telling you they’ve got a 10” dick but keeping it firmly hidden in their shorts. chances are it’s gas.
yeah, in the past BTP have resorted to fingerprinting signal boxes, gettin dna off elusive debris, cell site analysis, following people…but this is not their standard set of manoeuvres! despite them seeming like some fuckin hydra, the rest of the police force, and even of BTP, basically laugh at graff squad. one officer said, regarding COLIN SAYSELL, that the only time he has ever seen someone so obsessed with their work is people working deep undercover in hooliganism or leastways working on it very closely.
imagine that? him and WILL LIVINGS going back to their bedsits in kent to sit and trawl through the internet, looking at graff, walls, imports and exports. they probably Facebook chat at the same time, keeping each other updated with links to pages exposing new crimes or breaches of asbo, all filed away until one day they’re in your bedroom and you wish you’d just hidden that eight ball instead of leaving it on the desk.
if you get nicked by one cop or by an army of them, as i said at the start it all ends up being the same in the end anyway. it’s only to make them feel big, to validate themselves as people that they turn up at 6 and kick your mums front door down. lads together, we’re a team. they all meet up double early, in their super dry jackets (or SAYSELL in his fucking BANKSY teeshirt and PURCHASED NORTH FACE….HYVENT FAGGOT MY GORETEX IS FREE) sipping coffee as if they’re about to crack a child sex trafficking ring and make a difference to society. not the reality: going to a 13 year old kid from SFLs house because he did parsons on the early with no mask and left his child oyster card there.
we are the police. look at our clubs. look how many of us there are. look at our lights. our handcuffs.
look at my fuckin face while i choke you with my dick officer.
just sit back and ride it, have a nap in your cell, don’t drink their tea or eat their fucking shit food, don’t try to reason, don’t try to talk. knocking one out is a good one to calm you down. sit ups. otherwise your head just spins and because they took your watch you don’t know how long you’ve been/will be in there. it’s all a mind fuck. ignore their little mind games. just know that unless you’ve done something fuckin nuts, you’ll be back on road within 23 hours.
get a solicitor too, even the dud free ones. it just makes you feel stronger, because there are usually 2 pigs trying to harass you for answers and that can be daunting when they start telling you “you’re mate said this…” or “if you just tell us now…” and it’s just you sat there no commenting back. tell your brief you’re gonna no comment, which ANY decent brief will tell you to do as a standard anyway.
i could get into all their tricks but yo, it doesn’t matter, you read the first post. good cop, bad cop, get off, help out.
the only person you help by opening it is them, so they don’t have to resort to appeals and crimewatch and have their incompetence exposed to the world.